Custody Services

We provide custody services for real estate funds and securities for real estate funds and securities.

That includes actual custody and book custody for records and documents, creating trading accounts, follow up dividends, managing the investors statements in investments funds, deals settlement and compliance monitoring.

Alkhair Capital provides custody services for:

  • Investments funds
  • Sukuk


Brokerage Services

Our brokerage services are in line with the highest international standards. We differentiate ourselves from the competition through :

  • Advanced technology and systems to facilitate and streamline transactions.
  • Qualified and professional personnel with relevant experience in the brokerage field who execute deals accurately, and remain ahead of all financial market developments and changes
  • Execution channels such as the trading centre, managed by highly skilled brokers who execute deals and respond to client requests and enquiries, and effective online-market trading systems.
  • Provide Sharia-compliant margin lending in a short time.