Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is a very important matter for Al Khair Capital Saudi Arabia, so we abide to the following:

  • Protecting the client's personal and financial information with very high, strict, safety and confidentiality standards.
  • Provide security measures and electronic procedures that prevent unauthorized access to customer information. Among these measures and procedures.
  • The use of multiple levels of control, monitoring, and authentication systems to achieve data, network and systems security.
  • Periodic security review of devices, protection systems, networks, and surveillance records.
  • Only authorized employees (whose job duties require to) are allowed to access customer information.
  • Not to disclose customer's information to any external party, unless he has previously informed us through disclosure statements or agreements, or his authorization to do so, or which is required by law.
  • Taking the necessary legal and disciplinary measures when an employee violates the security and privacy controls of information.